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一、单选题 (共 15 道试题,共 90 分)
1.---How can I use this washing machine?  ---Well, just refer to the _______.
2.The sun was shining brightly, _______ everything there _______ more beautiful.
A.making; look
B.to make; looked
C.and made; looking
D.and making; be looked
3.Historically, _______ main material for making tables has been wood, but ______ metal and stone have also been used.
A.the; /
B./; /
C.the; the
D./; the
4.-----I’d rather have some wine, if you don’t mind.  
A.No, you’d better not
B.Not at all, anything you want
C.Thank you all the same
D.Yes, but not good
5.Do you enjoy listening to records? I find records are often _______ or better than an actual performance.
A.as good as
B.as good
C.as well as
D.good as
6.Betty’s English is _______ than _______ in the class.
A.much better; anyone else
B.far better; anyone else’s
C.a lot better; anyone’s else
D.a great deal better; anyone’s else’s
7._______ we know, hurricane is _______ to come.
A.As soon as; possible
B.As long as; probable
C.As far as; likely
D.As well as; perhaps
8._______ we call the First Aid Centre, the doctors _______ by and by.
A.No sooner; would come
B.Soon after; would come
C.Shortly; are coming
D.Immediately; will come
9.----Are there any English Story books for us students in the library?
----There are only a few, _____.
A.if any
B.if there
C.if some
D.if has
10.So far, several ships have been reported missing _______ the coast of Bermuda Island.
11.---_______ I tell the head teacher all that has happened?
---No, you _______! Mr. Xin would be terribly angry.
A.Will; needn’t
B.Would; can
C.Should; mustn’t
D.Must; don’t have to
12._______ Sunday, rather than _______ at home, I preferred _______.
A.It being; stay; to travel
B.Being; to stay; to travel
C.shavings been; stay; travel
D.It was; to stay; travelling
13.Jack _______ yet last night, otherwise he _______ me.
A.mustn’t have arrived; must have phoned
B.can’t have arrived; would have phoned
C.shouldn’t have arrived
D.can have phoned
14.Computer cannot remember who _______; it simply does what _______.
A.has used it; it is told
B.will used it; it was told
C.uses it; it has told
D.has used it; it told
15._______ she is not so healthy _______ she used to be?
A.It was why; that’s what
B.Is it why that; as
C.Why is it that; as
D.Why it is that; that
二、判断题 (共 5 道试题,共 10 分)
16.I assure you that I am perfect capable of caring for myself.
17.At least I can face them all with a clear conscience.
18.Before you leave the hotel, you must check out at the service desk.
19.Several recent event have damaged the government’s public image.
20.They called in a private investigator to help them find their son.

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